From the 26th Of October 2018 Computer Repair 4U will no longer be operating. Many thanks to all of my customers over the past 8 years for your support.

Data recovery - recover files from hard driveThere are many circumstances where you need to use our data recovery service to recover data from the hard drive of your computer, for example

  • Your desktop no longer boots and you need to recover the data
  • Your laptop no longer boots and you need to recover the data
  • You have an external hard drive that won’t connect
  • The computer no longer boots and is not worth repairing but you need the data

In 90% of cases data can be recovered from a hard drive if other parts of the computer have failed. The only times this is not possible or becomes very difficult requiring specialist services is when the drive is physically damaged. Data recovery is available for both laptop and desktop computers.

Your data including pictures, documents, emails, music, videos, favourites and anything else you ask us to backup will be backed up to DVD or a supplied device such as an external hard drive or flash drive so you can easily transfer the data to another computer.

Data Recovery Cost – £40.00

Most people store photos and documents on their computer and in our experience over the last 8 years few people store more than 25GB of data. The only exception to this are people with large music collections.

£40.00 – up to 25GB of data transferred to a backup device supplied or to DVD (most people will fall in this category)
Over 25GB – Additional £5 per 10GB.