From the 26th Of October 2018 Computer Repair 4U will no longer be operating. Many thanks to all of my customers over the past 8 years for your support.

Our desktop PC repair and services are available for both home and small business users. Whether it’s virus removal, a system speed up or an upgrade our desktop PC repair service covers you for all your needs. Most of the services listed are offered as both an in house service (where the work is carried out in your home or business) or as a takeaway service (where the computer is taken away and then returned to you)

What we offer at Computer Repair 4U is a professional, reliable and efficient laptop repair service at competitive rates.

Desktop PC Repair

In addition to standard services such as virus and malware removal, computer speeds ups, blue screens, system crashes etc. we also provide a range of additional service for your PC. These include but are not limited to:

  • Desktop memory replacement
  • Desktop hard drive replacement
  • Desktop power supply replacement
  • BIOS battery replace
  • Graphics card upgrades
  • CD/DVD drive replacement
  • Interior cleaning
Desktop PC repair


We price our PC repair services in two separate ways so you can always be clear what the cost will be.

Takeaway Service – £59.99 Flat Fee

Free takeaway repair

This is by far the most popular of our 2 services as it means no waiting in for a technician to call and then having your day disrupted for a number of hours while the work is completed. It also takes away the need to take it to a shop and then pick it up when the repair work is complete. You don’t even need to leave the house with our takeaway service! More importantly you also know the cost up front even if unforeseen circumstances make the task more complicated for the engineer than originally anticipated. You only pay the flat fee for labor regardless of the number of hours taken to repair.

Dependent upon the length of time to perform the laptop repair or tower repair we will endeavor to return your computer to you within 48 hours of pickup. In some cases this may not be possible due to the complexities of the repair. If parts are required for you computer or laptop it may take longer than 48 hours to repair but we will always keep you informed in either case.

The flat fee includes the following:

  • FREE collection from your home or business (within our service area).
  • Repair any problems that you have informed us about and perform any upgrades you have requested. (New hardware and software prices are not included in the fee)
  • Perform a basic virus, malware and spyware scan and remove any issues found
  • Perform a basic clean up of your system.
  • Make any recommendations to improve speed, efficiency and security
  • FREE return. We will return your repaired or upgraded computer to your home or business as quickly as possible.

In House Repair

Our in house repair service is work carried out in your home where possible. Although we will always try to complete the work in your home, and in the case of broadband and network problems we have to, there are times when we may advise you that it would be more cost effective for you to use our takeaway service (cases where repair time is likely to exceed 2 hours). As an example a heavy virus infection taking into account scanning time could take upwards of 5-6 hours. At our hourly rate this would be £100-£125 but taking advantage of our takeaway service would only be £59.99

Having said that we will always do as our customers prefer and if you prefer your computer not to leave your home but understand the increased cost, we will happily spend the 5 hours in your company.

Our in house computer repairs are charged at the following rates with a minimum charge of 1 hour:

First Hour – £30.00
Each additional 30 Minutes – £15

*NO Additional Callout fees *No Fix No Fee
(*Check Terms)