From the 26th Of October 2018 Computer Repair 4U will no longer be operating. Many thanks to all of my customers over the past 8 years for your support.

My Login Vault Password ManagerA password manager should be a critical part of life now that we require so many passwords. Recent research has suggested that password reuse is now becoming one of the most dangerous things we can do online. If you are protecting you email, bank and login to a website with the same password it only takes one to be compromised to compromise them all. We recently wrote an article on Password Security that is definitely worth a read

There are cloud based password managers but these are not always the most secure way of storing sensitive data. You only have to think about the iCloud hack a few years ago or turn on the news to see a new data breach happening at some large corporation.

With this in mind we have developed our own offline password manager that is supplied on a USB device. This enables you to store all you passwords offline away from the internet greatly increasing your security (if it’s not plugged in, no one has access to them)

Features of My Login Vault USB Password Manager

My Login Vault contains many features a few of which are listed below. For a full list of features visit the Full Features

  • Heavily encrypted
  • Protected by a master password
  • Categorise passwords and logins
  • Add as many as you like
  • Generate random passwords
  • Privacy options
  • USB meaning it’s portable
  • Works on any Windows machine

You can find out more information about this product and order via our sister website My Login Vault or alternatively buy on amazon using the link below: