From the 26th Of October 2018 Computer Repair 4U will no longer be operating. Many thanks to all of my customers over the past 8 years for your support.


tutoringComputer Repair 4U now offers one to one tutoring for our customers in their own home. This is not tuition in the classic classroom sense it is in the comfort of your own home using your computer. We have found over the years that sometimes our customers just want someone to sit down with them and show them how to do something.

Our tutoring is designed to teach you only what you want to learn. Our customers tend to write a list of things they want to know how to do, email it to us, book an hour of our time and we walk through their list with them. Below is an example of a list we recently received.

  • How do I burn photos to a DVD
  • Need help with word formatting
  • How to attach emails in outlook
  • How to send emails to multiple contacts
  • How to use Windows 10 split screen
  • How to backup my photos
  • How to edit my photos

This was a a list of items a customer wanted to learn how to do. We booked an hours appointment and we showed him how to do the items on his list while he took notes and had a practice while we were there. Tutoring does not need to be structured if you know what you want to learn, just gives us a list!

What you get

As with everything we do at Computer Repair 4U you will always receive a friendly, reliable, prompt and efficient service. The tutoring service is catered to YOUR needs and can be done as quick or as slowly as you wish. Generally it is best to do no more than 2 hours in one session to allow the information to soak in.

Below are some of the benefits of our tutoring service all included in the hourly rate.

  • One on one tutoring in YOUR home on YOUR computer or remotely
  • Work at your own pace.
  • No set minimum or maximum hours. Do as many or as little hours as you want.
  • You may want to learn all about emailing in one session and give it time to sink in before learning something else. This is no problem with tuition to suit you
  • No set tuitions. Learn what you want to learn.
  • Times to suit you, daytime or evening
  • 20 Years experience and fully CRB checked

Our Prices

Our prices are set at £30 per hour for a minimum of 1 Hour.

How To book

Call us on 07563 504523 or drop us an email with your requirements.

For Sale

for saleFrom time to time we sell refurbished laptops and software and they will be listed here.

iMac For Sale – £450 – View details